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Personal Training

Personal training is not only an excellent step if you have never used a gym before, but can also be hugely beneficial to seasoned gym goers who have found themselves in a bit of a rut!

For newcomers, having an experienced trainer in your corner will give you confidence and guidance to try things you may not figure out alone! They will also help you to make sure you're following correct form whilst exercising, therefore reducing your risk of injury significantly! On top of this, you'll have someone who trains all day every day, meticulously planning your sessions so that they are just right for you and your abilities! 

For the more experienced gym user, we all get a little bit stagnant at times and our training can often reach plateaus. A fresh pair of eyes and a trainer with some further education can often pick things apart for you and help you to get back onto the road of progress! 

Our personal trainers will ensure that your sessions are always tailored to your specific goals and needs, as well as addressing any imbalances, injuries and niggles you may have. 

We have had clients from all walks of life

Booking one-one Training

If you'd like to book a consultation so that we can discuss your goals and needs further, please book here

For more details on all personal training packages and pricing click here... 


We advise booking for blocks of 5 or 10 sessions to ensure you have repeat slots booked 

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