The gym has a dedicated spin studio, fully refurbished in December 2020! The studio is kitted out with 10 Cybex IC2 indoor cycles. We hold classes of up to 9 people throughout the week.


We have MyZone heart rate tracking setup within the studio, with demo belts available for people to trial. The MyZone allows each user to track the percentage of their individual, maximum heart rate, enabling instructors to teach a workout that will be of equal intensity to each participant, no matter the difference in age, weight & height. 

Our excellent, qualified instructors will take you through the 45-minute class, with various music types and training styles to keep you motivated throughout your workout and keep you coming back for more!


The gym has an aerobics studio which is used for all of our in-house classes. The studio is mirrored across 2 walls and there is a wide variety of equipment specifically for use in the studio. You will find yoga mats, kettlebells, light dumbbells and barbells as well as steps, swiss balls, punch bags, boxing mitts and pads.


The studio has a built-in, open plan functional area, including a Wolverson rig with plenty of attachments and accessories for all of your functional training needs. From circuits to legs, bums and tums, there are plenty of classes available to suit all abilities! When classes are not in action, the studio is free for use to members and also available to rent. 

Aside from our live instructor led classes, we run a range of virtual 'Les Mills' classes on our huge 75" TV. We have over 75 scheduled classes running each week, to complement our 30+ live instructor led classes. In-between the scheduled classes, the virtual system allows members to access classes on demand, so you can choose any class to suit you, anytime the studio is free. 

We also have the MyZone heart rate tracking system set up in the studio, allowing you to track your workout and ensure you are getting the best out of it.