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Our extensive Cardiovascular area is home to a range of various top of the range equipment. We have treadmills and arc trainers for those interested in standard cardio workouts, as well as ski erg and assault bikes for those looking for more HIIT style training! Not only that, our concept 2 rowing machines, upright and recumbent bikes and SPARC trainer give a wide choice of ways to get that cardio burn!  

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Free weights area at the gym braunton


Our free weights area is packed with all you'll need to smash any weights based workout you've got planned!

With benches, cages, dumbbells going up to a whopping 75kg, as well as over 2000kg in plate weights, were sure you'll find everything you need!

Our free weights area is also coupled with a functional training area including sled track and wolverson rig for those looking for a more functional workout!


Not short of a truckload of various training aids and accessories, this space gives you the tools you'll need to get a varied and effective workout no matter what your style!


Our Resistance area is located upstairs, above the free-weights and was recently upgraded to a full range of Dyaco Spirit equipment... 

These machines are simple and easy to set up and can hit most major muscle groups. We even have QR codes which you can scan to view a video of how to use each machine, so you're never stuck on how to set yourself up!

The resistance area also has a smith machine and two adjustable functional cable machines with various attachments to give you an effective full body workout! ​

resistance area at the gym braunton
the studio at the gym braunton


Our 800sqft studio is where we hold many of our classes, included in your membership. The studio is an open and inviting space which is available for general use when classes are not in progress. 

We have a massive variety of studio equipment, from yoga mats, kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells as well as steps, swiss balls, punch bags, boxing mitts and pads, slam balls, medicine balls, sandbags, battle ropes and more... 


We also hold spin classes in this studio with capacity of up to 9 people per class. Our excellent, qualified instructors will take you through the 45-minute session, with various music types and training styles to keep you motivated throughout your workout and keep you coming back for more!​


We have MyZone heart rate tracking setup within the studio, with demo belts available for people to trial. The MyZone allows each user to track the percentage of their individual, maximum heart rate, enabling instructors to teach a workout that will be of equal intensity to each participant, no matter the difference in age, weight & height. ​

Our studio is also available to hire. Please speak to a member of staff if you are interested in private hire

Our wide range of classes can be found here... 

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